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  Why You Need a Personal Injury Law Firm Instead of Settling on Your Own

After an accident, you may have significant medical bills and pain. You may be struggling to be able to do your job because of it, or you may have been out of work for weeks recovering. When these types of events happen, and they are due to no fault of your own, it’s time to turn to a personal injury law firm like Garcia Legal. We work closely with you to ensure your rights are always protected in securing your claim.

Why You Should Not Just Settle Your Case

After an accident like this, it is very common for individuals to face pressure from insurance adjusters to settle the case. Remember, these people are not working for you. Rather, they are working for the responsible party. That means it is their job to encourage you to settle the claim quickly – long before all of your bills are clearly understood. You may not even know if you need further medical procedures or long-term rehabilitation. That is why you need a personal injury lawyer by your side. This professional will guide you every step of the way to ensure you are never settling your case too soon.

What Are Your Losses?

One of the other steps your personal injury attorney will do for you is to understand all of your losses. After an accident like this, it is up to you to determine all of the losses you’ve suffered if you did not have a personal injury lawyer working for you. This may include medical bills, specialist treatment, ongoing medical care, rehabilitation, and pain and suffering. Often, it includes lost time at work, loss of benefits, and even loss of quality of life. You may be struggling with being able to work at all. And, in some tragic cases, you have lost your loved one to these types of accidents.

As your personal injury law firm, Garcia Legal works closely with you to ensure you get the comprehensive protection you need after an accident. That includes verifying what your losses are. It means working with witnesses and proving your case. It even means ensuring you do not miss out on key compensation owed to you.

Our team at Garcia Legal is dedicated to your best outcome. When you contact our personal injury law firm, you can come in for a consultation free of charge. Talk to a personal injury attorney about what happened. Then, work quickly with the firm to ensure all compensation owed to you is approved. Keep in mind our team works efficiently, aiding in pushing settlement companies to their fullest potential and, if they refuse to pay, taking them to court for you. Let your personal injury attorney work closely to protect your rights.

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